Glowforge Material Manager Chrome Extension



I’m pretty sure what you’re quoting means that if you are in the middle of creating or editing a material and then close the tab/browser the setting you were creating is lost. Same if you decide to go watch YouTube in the middle of creating one.

As I use multiple computers, I have the same question about propagating materials across computers, but figure I’ll find out soon enough. Even if not, it will still be a whole lot better than what I had last week.


First, let me add to everybody saying how awesome this is. Worked great yesterday, but today I had to switch between a bunch of different woods for an order we got, and it went smooth as silk with everything saved. LOVE IT!!

I just logged into chrome on different computer here, and while it loaded the material manager extension, none of my setting were there, so it look like its just on the one machine.


Apologies if I’m missing the obvious, but is there a way to select “Full” power? 0-100 is equal across Basics & Pros, but Full is different as I understand it.


I don’t know this stuff nearly well enough for this idea to not be complete BS, but…

Glancing at the source code for this extension, I see that it’s using the API to store your settings. According to Google’s documentation for that API, the data can be included in data synced through Chrome Sync.

If I’m reading this correctly, it would mean that the extension could be made to sync your custom material settings across all your computers. It’s just up to the dev to build in that function.


It is true that there is a sync feature. I’ve played with it a little and am planning to see what is possible with it, as it’s a very useful feature. Looking at their documentation you can see that the amount of data you are allowed to synchronize is very small, just '102,400' bytes.

Taking that every character is two bytes and each field as a JSONified string will require at minimum 4 characters (8 bytes) per key (no user data) with on average 20 fields. This means that without any settings, just the keys, you’d only be able to sync ~650 settings. With data its realistically around ~40-75.

These are just a few estimates off the top of my head. I’m not currently on my home computer where I’d have better data to estimate with. Still, it would be something. I would likely have to start by limiting the number of materials that can be synced and making synchronization optional for each material. The main problem being the length of names people use.


You can select full power in the least obvious way I could come up with, by setting it to 101.

Just trying to keep everyone on their feet :wink:


LOL. I would have used -1 :innocent:


This plug in is a game changer.


Can you get the sync to ignore the plug-in code? We don’t need that part synced.



At least it’s possible for most people. I don’t log in or use different logins to Google across computers. I have an informal I search about these things here rule. That way I get different news stories popping up on different machines. I haven’t found their algs, or anyone elses including mine, to be able to handle conflicting interests. Now if I could only convince Netflix’s alg to show me something decent. My own fault for settling I guess.


The confusion comes from the GFUI using 0-100, Full but the PG settings being 0-100. I.e. 100 is full in the PG settings and I think 99 would what 100 is in GFUI. There was an older version of the GFUI that went 0-99, FULL.


I don’t believe that there is any confusion here. I chose to make the Precision Power align with the GFUI at the cost the usability for the max power setting.

It’s simply that UX is ever evolving and designing an intuitive product is difficult. This constant iteration of UI typically means that application state gets “hacked” to fill the business need. This is the easiest and fastest way to make changes, arguably not the correct way.

This appears to be what happened here. There was an existing range of 0-100 in the application state and it has been “hacked” to control two independent UI elements. Thus making the UX better for users and the code worse for developers.


Ah so full power is just like turning it up to 11. Gotcha.


Groan… I should read the rest of the thread before replying like a smart Alec. :frowning:


These go to 11!


Oh my gosh I totally love that sketch :joy::joy:
I also like the cucumber at security bit. Genius.


Of course, this is how my estimates were calculated. The issue is that Google doesn’t provide much storage for syncing data.


There isn’t anything that you need to do to install the extension other than clicking the link above and add the extension to chrome.

As for the caveats section that is referring to the fact that any partially entered data is lost when the extension popup window is closed.

The data currently resides within a single browser on a single computer, I am actively working on a way to synchronize the data.


Thank you for all your work on this!