Glowforge materials

Hi I am sorry if this has already been asked but I could not find it…so…

Dan mentioned in the early videos that they will be also selling materials for use with the Glowforge. I was wondering if there was a materials list in place yet with a guide on the price for each material dependent on size and thickness? I am trying to work out ruff costings for projects that I have in mind for when the Glowforge arrives so this list would really help.

Also I am from the UK so would this list also calculate the shipping cost for me?

Thanks, Lee.

AFAIK, there is no list and guide price yet. They’re still trying to get the machines to work and spending their time on that.
If you need guide prices though and a good UK supplier of materials you can take a look at Kitronik, I would hope glowforge could achieve similar prices but I suspect shipping to us in the UK would be prohibitive.

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Like @m_raynsford said, the team is focusing on the machine right now but, based on a few of @dan’s posts, they are starting to source the materials they’ll sell.

As one example, @dan said “We got the first samples of custom plywood today… they looked almost perfect, but for some reason the fabricator has the grain of the two plys parallel to each other. Which kind of misses the point of plywood. Sigh.” in the following thread.

Every once and a while I go to and click on the catalog section, knowing that there is no link, but hoping, hoping. I would imagine that the forum members will be given the information when it goes live. Perhaps there will even be some beta testers given some early access. I am eager for the materials and design catalog to go live.

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@davidkoenig has been bringing in a variety of materials for us to experiment with, including some custom formulations of plywood. We also have picked up some fun tools like a Sawstop, a panel saw, and a cold laminator for materials processing. Glowforge is a fun place these days.


You guys need a permanent film crew there. I would watch the glowforge reality show, how to build a laser.

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You have no idea how hard I’ve lobbied for this. Unfortunately, Glowforge is severely lacking in the interpersonal drama that fuels reality TV shows :frowning:


Kind of like watching CSPAN?

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well that makes me want to watch it even more. that is easily the worst part about reality tv. I love “how its made”, and im sure it would be more interesting than that…

today on history channels building a laser: aeva has scheduled use of the main laser unit, but dans cuts are taking longer than expected. *shot of aeva angrily pulling out material from laser * will they finish in time or will things get heated?! Dan: “who threw away my laser cut almond… I was gonna eat that!”


I work in reality TV. Let’s make it happen. :wink:


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