Glowforge Medallion

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone has taken a crack at trying to produce the 3D engraved Glowforge medallion that can be seen in the home page? I contacted support to see if the design is available but unfortunately no luck. I’m setting up a workspace that will contain the Glowforge, 3D printers, and a milling machine each with a sign above them indicating what each device is. I’ve made some signs for the printers and milling machine and I thought the medallion would be great to hang above the Glowforge. Any help and/or advise would be greatly appreciated!


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Unfortunately that pattern hasn’t been released yet…I think your best bet would be to use the logo instead, maybe. Here’s a post from Dan that talks about correct usage of the brand’s name and logos that has a PDF to download with the guidelines, and in the PDF there’s a link to some logo artwork we can use for things like this.


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