Glowforge misprint

Has anybody else had this happen and know what the cause is? I did a copy paste of some layers, two print just fine, then on the second ones these ghost layers are being cut/etched. The layer settings were identical and there is nothing in the app showing these other random cuts.
I’ve had this misprint issue a couple of times now on different files and can’t figure out what is causing it.

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It would be helpful if you could share a screenshot or what you are seeing. Cut/paste generally works fine for me. The Glowforge app does not recognize layers - only color differences - so I am not certain how that would enter into the equation.


Ha! Forgot those whoops!

What does does you GFUI look like including the left side panel with all the operation steps show?

that is a strange error though.


almost as though the GF thought there were more items to print. Than you were expecting.


Did you do this in the GFUI, or was it created in an art program?

If the latter, can you post that art? It’s possible those shapes are there, but with no width so they’re invisible.


It looked completely normal. No error messages, no phantom layers, nada. I should have taken a screenshot but did not.

I created the image in Inkscape, then moved it over Lightburn to validate the nodes. I saved that as an SVG to import. From there I just copied the layers to fit the materials.
I’ve been able to replicate the issue with a completely different file. Used the exact same tools to create/validate, and having the exact same issue.

Can you load it here? I wonder if Lightburn did something weird. There’s no reason to do that step AFAIK.

What does this mean? (GF doesn’t need nodes validated)

Yes, of course. Very, very basic :slight_smile:

It’s just an easy way to ensure that the paths are closed. It can help when you’re trying to pop out your pieces making sure that it’s cutting the full shape and corners.

So you did have a random unattached node, but I don’t think that was your issue

I’ve run this back through Inkscape - if you’re willing, try cutting it again and see if the problem rights itself. If it does, I’d blame Lightburn and remove that from your steps.
If it doesn’t, I’d contact actual Support and see if they see something in your logs - but if the issue doesn’t present itself when you run the Gift of Good Measure they’re unlikely to be able to help!


Thanks so much for looking at it! I think I’m going to contact support. I tried it with another file from a download and same issue :frowning:

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