Glowforge naming

When you go through setup, you’re asked to give your Glowforge a name. Does that stick for anyone else who’s gone through setup? I gave mine a name (perhaps too many characters?) and it didn’t take. It’s obviously not a big deal (happy just to have a laser!), but there doesn’t seem to be a way to edit the name it does have.

Anyone have any other experience?

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When I got my own Glowforge recently, I needed to make sure that my ‘new’ Glowria would be distinguishable from my old one on the list of printers. I’m sure folks here on the forum gave me some idea of how to do that when I set it up, but I spaced it, so I just sent a request to support and they removed the old name for me. I’m sure they will be happy to get it sorted for you.


Exactly right.


Thanks @xabbess, that’s right. For now, please reply here or write to with the name you’d like, and we’ll update the name of your Glowforge. Would you mind also letting us know the name you tried so we can research why it didn’t stick?


I had tried MayTheForgeBeWithUs … Are there limitations i should know before picking another?


Yes, you can use up to 15 characters.