Glowforge needs to purchase this company

Glowforge could call this —-Glowforge Baby.

Today this video was recommended by YouTube. I was really impressed with the engraving and how easy it is to use, This laser machine even has an accessory to engrave tumblers.

In my mind —as I viewed the video —-I was thinking “ After I finish watching this video—- I am going to buy it from Amazon.” “Two hundred dollars or $25O is a great price to pay!”

In my mind, I gave it the price $200 and $250 with the tumbler accessory.

Watch the video and then go check out the price


Just keep in mind, it’s significantly slower in real life than as portrayed in this video, and it exhausts to the ambient environment.

I was actually kind of horrified to see her lasing stuff indoors with the fan just blowing smoke out in to the room. Should you buy one, do not emulate this example. Use it outside, or in your garage or something, but not in a closed room where you’ll be breathing that exhaust for the excruciatingly long time it takes to do an engrave at the slow speeds mandated by the solid state laser diode…


I don’t know, the Glowpecker wouldn’t be the worst name. I even like The Peckerforge. Catchy…


My post was a joke. I am not purchasing it —-it costs over $1000!!!


Rats, I was already planning the Peckerforge Mini YouTube channel. I was going with the Peckerforge Magnum Channel, but didn’t want to brag about my tool…


I love the portability of the little machine and I would pay $200 but not $1000.

The lady in the video did a wonderful job demonstrating the machine. To be able to easily pick up the laser machine and just place it down on a large item was impressive.

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