Glowforge--never unboxed--for sale (near Seattle)


I have a Glowforge that has never been unboxed, with ventilation attachment and the box of starter materials that is looking for a home.

Despite my enthusiasm from the technology, my life changed radically between ordering and receiving the Glowforge (Hi small child who needs a parent! :wink: and I just don’t have the personal bandwidth to put it to use.

It’s currently sitting in my garage near Cle Elum, WA.

If you’re interested in purchasing it, please contact me.

What model?

How much?


1 x Glowforge Basic + Air Filter

Unclear on warranty status—it’s been in climate controlled storage for a year

Flexible in price; must pickup

No warranty then. Past the Basic warranty period.

Denise Lindstrom in the Glowforge Users Group on Facebook is interested, but can’t reply here. :blush:

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yeah! just following up @gensd’s post. here’s the person’s FB page


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