Glowforge New Very Loud sound

I have cleaned EVERYTHING, all fans, lens etc. I replaced my exhaust hose and cleaned exhaust fan with the degreaser method that GF recommends. Here’s a you tube link to video Glowforge Pro -loud sounds 0ct 9, 2021 - YouTube
Any ideas?
*I have contacted support - they responded once and told me to print the Gifts of Measure and asked for other info, which I did, but am still waiting to hear back.

Sounds like the degreaser either left residue on the exhaust fan or it became unbalanced for some other reason.


I’d double check the blade on the fan you cleaned. I agree with rpegg… perhaps a piece of gunk is stuck on one of the blades, and now it’s out of balance.

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What happens if you put it on air filter mode to turn off the exhaust fan and do a super minimal power score?

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thx for your response - it was making the same sound before I cleaned it that’s what led me to the super clean-out. Still waiting to hear back fromGF - Usually they are fairy quick to respond, but not this time :frowning:

Do you mean as a test to see if the fan is the problem? That’s sounds like a good idea - I’ll try it. Thx!

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Thx… I’m sure how to double check- I can’t SEE the actual exhaust fan, unless there’s a way to take off the back white grid thingy. Is there a way?

I meant I’m NOT sure how to to double check -sorry.

Good suggestion! I’m running it in cut mode like a have a GF filter attached. - It’s very quiet, but of course now it smells a smokey in here. I took a video of it being quiet to send to GF for a comparison. Hopefully, I can get it fixed without having to ship it out. Same thing happened a few months ago and this one replaced that one. :frowning:

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so it is the rear fan that needs more attention! :smiley:

I guess so - I’m not sure how to give it more attention. I blew out the fan with canned air, used the degreaser, used long pipe cleaner like brushes in from the outside/back of the fan and then blew out again with canned air. The before and after sounds were the same. Is there another way to access the fan? This is a pro and I can’t really get to the fan from inside the machine.

I wish I could give some specific advice, I usually clean with a paint-brush and a shop-vac. they don’t sell the spray in Hawai’i, so I can only get it so clean. I also have an external cloudline duct-fan, and keep the internal fan off, because that set-up is so quiet.

Hi @cyvonneh. I apologize for the delayed follow up. I just responded to your email thread to help get a better look at the parts of your Glowforge including the exhaust. I’ll leave this thread open to confirm that you received my email response, and will look forward to your email response. Thank you.

Just sent you pics that you requested :slight_smile:

Thx! Support just stepped in, so I’ll see what’s next

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Hi @cyvonneh. Thank you for confirming that you received my response. To avoid any potential confusion or miscommunication with multiple threads, I will go ahead and close this Community thread to continue troubleshooting this in your email thread. I have everything in review right now, and will be following up with you through email shortly. Thank you!