Glowforge no power

hi my Glowforge was running a job then lost all power and it just stop,did all the troubleshooting step but still no power its been 6 days waiting for a answer from support,?? So has some one had this problem when it just stops no power no lights just dead how to fix ( ps im in Australia so i just cant send it in to get repaired )

I suppose you checked the electrical outlet with a lamp or something. (tripped circuit??)

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hi i have checked, i plug it in power point all over the house have replaced power cord also still on power

Oh well, I was hoping it was something simple like that. :confused:

:tired_face: :bomb:

Is it plug straight in to the wall , no extension cord, whats you power out there 220 or 110?

hi its plug in to a extension cord for the last 3 years but i will give it a go ,

hi thanks but it did not work it was worth a try

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