Glowforge not connecting and staying in green light

When I powered on my Glowforge the light was purple but still connected and turned to green. I engraved something and it worked fine. All of a sudden it satyed at green and now says offline. I have done every troubleshooting step multiple times and the light continues to stay green and says offline. I have tried using my phone, my sons phone and downloaded firefox and google to try to work steps and nothing works to connect. When I redo setup Wifi process it connects to Glowforge but will drop off connection and not connect to my wifi. It worked perfectly fine 10 minutes before this problem started and no settings were changed. I have reached out to Glowforge but they keep telling me to redo steps that I have done a ton already and not worked. Any advice would be appreciated. Also, what is up with no phone support as Glowforge stated they have? I have had this printer less then 2 years and it used mainly as a hobby so does not have a ton of hours on it.

They have never offered phone support.

The wifi in the GF can be very finicky, and the sudden trouble can be any number of things, even a neighbor getting a new device. Have you tried using your phone’s hotspot instead of your home wifi? If that works then you know it’s something that has diarupted your network.


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