Glowforge not cutting all the way through on Proofgrade material

I’ve been having issues with my Glowforge not cutting all the way through on proofgrade materials and am really getting frustrated since that’s not supposed to happen. It cuts on SOME of it, but barely all the way through. I’ve had this issue before and my machine is only a couple of months old. It’s clean, etc. I’ve followed all the tips, etc. on the site, but still having this issue.

Need help please!



Support will probably ask you to run the “Gift of good measure” on med draftboard to further troubleshoot.

As a short-term workaround, however, I suggest you use a corner of your material to figure out settings that work before running jobs that use up significant amounts of that material.

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Same thing has been happening with me!

Be sure you’re using the hold down pins or magnets to ensure the material is truly flat against the crumbtray–you can hear the difference between areas that are touching the tray and if there’s a gap. I’ve found most PG boards (except acrylic) are rarely perfectly flat on their own. I got one that was over 1/8" difference from center to edges.

Also be sure your lens was installed into the head the right way–it’s easy to put it back in upside down after cleaning it (yes, I figured this out myself after I had issue w/ cutting thru).

Also pending your climate, higher humidity areas (e.g. Houston) vs. Seattle will require a bit slower speed than PG setting for full cutting.

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You said you cleaned the machine but I have to ask.
Did you clean ALL lenses?

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I’m so sorry to hear that you ran into trouble!

I would like to check over just a few more things. Could you do the following for me?

Please send photos of all your cleaned optical components, with special attention to any damage you might find:

  • Both windows
    • The printer head window, on the left hand side of the printer head
    • The laser window on the inside left of the Glowforge
  • The printer head lens
    • Both sides of the lens, top and bottom
  • The mirror inside the printer head
  • The bottom of the printer head

Once we have those pictures, we’ll follow up with next steps.

I’ve had the same issue with numerous PG materials. I have about 6 sheets that have large sections that are ruined because the GF didn’t cut all the way through or engraved too deep. And I’ve only had it recognize the PG material 3 times. Every other time I’ve had to go in and select the material.

You will want to start your own ticket - support might not see it here. (A New Thread created in the Problems and Support category will create a ticket for you.)

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen any replies on this thread so I’m going to close it. If you still need help with this please either start a new thread or email