Glowforge not cutting material all the way through

Having problems my Glowforge cutting all the way through?

Hi Suny,

Welcome to the forum! If you want official support from the company you’ll need to contact them via website/email/Discord, and if you’re under warranty you should definitely do that!

We’re happy to try and help in the meantime!

First question would be, what are you cutting?
What material
What settings
What design

Running the Gift of Good Measure on the spare piece of PG draftboard they sent is the best test.
BUT, before you do that - is your machine clean?
There are 6 lenses/mirrors that need to be wiped off regularly. Everything else can stay dirty, but the camera, main lens, 2 focusing lenses, the mirror under the left edge, and the window on the side of your head to be clear for it to cut. If those are good, run the GoGM and get back to us :slight_smile:


Also what model Glowforge.


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