Glowforge Not Cutting Through

Hello All,

Yesterday when I was doing some printing with the GF I noticed the integrity of my laser begin to dwindle. When I noticed, I cleaned my machine along with the lenses. My day was over at that point so I went to check up on it again today. To test, I did the Gift of Good measure print on the medium draftboard using the proofgrade settings, everything about the print seemed okay besides the cut. None of the cuts went completely went through. I then did another cleaning, including the lenses, wiping out any debris and made sure my tray and material was level and I then proceeded to have the same issue, cut not going through completely. Any one able to offer any assistance in getting this resolved as fast as possible? I’ve recently opened up a business and this is my only tool capable of making the products that I offer. Attached are images of the cut.

Thank you

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Looking at your first pic, however, it appears the tube or power supply may have failed.

I apologize, I should’ve been more specific, I’m referring to the 3 prints in the second column. The others are from a separate issue that required my GF being replaced

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.