Glowforge NOT Cutting- Tried EVERYTHING!

I have had the glowforge for almost a year. I have had several issues and its been a learning process for sure. I use it often for business and typically cut MDF (I know its messy and sticky). I have cleaned the glowforge thoroughly about a week ago. I have cleaned the fans including air assist. The lenses (Which I have to clean every few cuts). I have cleaned the mirror. The material is 1/8 inch. I have slowed the cut and propped it closer- yes it will cut but #1 I shouldn’t have to do that and I’m worried about damaging it. #2 it chars and still isn’t always cut through.
I am at the point of giving up. I have called tech and I’m not expecting a fast reply. I am looking through my stash for a piece of proof grade cause I know they will blame material. This is the same batch I have been using.
HELP! Before I throw this thing out! Super frustrating!

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