Glowforge not cutting vertical lines correctly

Alrighty I need some help figuring out what the f@$+ my Glowforge is doing and how to fix it. It just started cutting things the wrong size. The photo below is 4 sides of a box that should all be the same size, 4 15/16 by 5 1/4. The box piece is replicated 4 times and I have checked both my AI file and the cut file in the Glowforge app that these are the dimensions set to cut. My horizontal cuts are accurate, however my vertical cuts are not. What is happening that is causing my vertical cuts to be longer than they should be? I’ve cleaned the wheels (none are broken) and the side tracks and I still get this same result even after cleaning. Not only is it wrong every time but it’s wrong in the exact same dimensions. Help!

It’s not just this file, happens on anything, the vertical cuts don’t line up to what they should for the file. Horizontal is fine though.

Have you checked belt tension?

It seems fine? I’ve never touched the belts on the sides before that move the laser tube.


And what do I have to do to fix that?

The linked article is a step by step guide to fixing the issue.

Tried that…didn’t fix the issue. Tried to recalibrate the camera, also didn’t result in any changes.

Well, it’s a problem with the movement system, so you can limit your troubleshooting to that. That’s belts and motors, and only belts are under your control. You can look for debris, flat spots or other problems with the belts, a loose or damaged tension pulley on any of the belts, and check that the belts are all at the correct tension and that the tension is the same on both sides. Here’s the various guides that cover how to inspect and adjust these things:


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