Glowforge Not Firing or Taking Pictures

Hello everyone!

I haven’t posted in the forum for quite some time now since I’ve pretty much got the hang of the machine, creating things, and troubleshooting myself. However, this time around I’ve been extremely frustrated because I’ve got several orders I need to get done by Christmas and my machine is not doing what I need it to do. So let me just start by explaining the issues I have come across. Starting yesterday last night, I was going to engrave on a glass plate, but the app kept saying that the camera couldn’t take pictures after it stayed on centering for quite some time.

It was dark and of course, I tried to troubleshoot following the instructions and it didn’t work. I also cleaned my machine yesterday before engraving. So, this morning, I did the troubleshooting again, and Wala! Alas, the machine began to work again TEMPORARILY might I add. So, I was able to engrave on the plate. When that was done, I put in a piece of wood to cut, that one cut fine. Then I put in another piece of wood, only for the machine to cut slightly and stopped.

The laser head was moving but not firing. So, I troubleshoot that, and followed the steps but nothing was working. The machine is not firing and also went back to the same message about the camera. I checked the mirror and the lens head, and it looks fine! I cleaned the cable in case and the print head will occasionally move and take pictures of the bed, but then go back to not being able to take pictures and it’s just been so frustrating. In case, I bought the black and white lid cable in case. But I figure I’d post my issues here in case anybody has had this same issue who can better direct me on how to fix this issue. Thanks so much!

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The black lid cable often fixes the “camera didn’t take a picture” or “lid open” error. It does not address the laser moving but not firing.


Yeah, I know that but not sure why I would get the camera message, only for it to go away once I troubleshoot it, then get the laser head issue, only for the camera message to come back again as well. The camera message has been coming and going since yesterday. And it was only today that the laser head decided to stop firing. It’s almost as if both issues are related which is very odd.

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I speculate that the issue with the black cable is the flexing eventually breaks one or more of the traces in the cable, so an intermittent connection may be possible.


That’s what happened to mine. It worked a couple of times after checking it but gave away, I just ordered the replacement cable. Hopefully it solves the problem when I replace it.


So buying the replacement might just fix this issue? I’m hoping that’s what it is and that I won’t need to replace the mirror because currently, glowforge does not have the mirror in stock and for something that small, that thing is expensive.


Hopefully, that will fix it, it did for me and others. Why do you need another mirror?


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