Glowforge not firing ... want £1k to look at it

Glowforge not firing, just said for us to look at it pay £1k then we will bill you for any parts and work. 1 month out of warranty so what can I do, surely they could send a part to replace or video call to try different things… anybody have any experience of this. What if it gets sent back and I’m £1500 down and it break again a few months later.

It’s not a good situation for the overseas customers since you do have to pay the shipping, and that really adds to the costs. :neutral_face:

A few people have sent in the machines for repair here in the states, and Glowforge currently is contracting out the repairs, so they do not get detailed repair information up front. Depending on what has to be repaired, they will pass along the exact costs to the customer, and I’ll be honest with you, it isn’t cheap to repair one of these things. It requires skill, training, specialty tools and a lot of time to find all the issues, so that might run another several hundred dollars over the shipping costs. (Sorry, don’t have access to a currency converter at the moment.) Plus it will take in excess of a month.

What they will do while they have the machine here is check it over carefully, and fix any problems that they find, so that you will not have to pay shipping again in a few months if something else breaks. That might make the up front repair costs run on the high side, but it helps you in the long run.

That would be a tough decision to have to make. (Good luck with it.)

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If the laser isn’t firing but still continues from the job, could the laser tube need replacing???

Yes, but it could also be a power supply.

Yeah, you don’t want to mess with the power supply…that’s actually dangerous to do. (Probably why they told you it needed to come here for repair. I know they will work with customers to fix little things without bringing it in, but they won’t let the customers try to repair something unsafe.)

Hi, sorry if going over the obvious, or something you’ve already checked–did the beam stop working during a job? Or it is possible the power setting is at 1 on the job you found it wasn’t working on? (just asking since sometimes that does happen…). Really hope it’s as simple as that, else hope you get a response very quickly on troubleshooting & suggestion for a more local source to repair it…

Black cable issue? Fan’s stopped working? Needs a good clean? Check all the troubleshooting tips for your problem first.

Hi, I think you meant to reply to the OP, not nesting your reply to me if you want to ensure that they see it. :wink:

I just replied to your email about sending your Glowforge in for repair, so I’m going to close this thread.