Glowforge - not just for muggles


My youngest just had her 11th birthday and received her invitation to Hogwarts! Festivities started with a feast in the dining hall. Everyone had a great time at the wand shop, monster book factory and potions class. Activities then moved outside for Quidditch and broom flying lessons on the zip line.

We have been laser cutting, 3D printing and vinyl cutting all sorts of necessities for a couple weeks now. For me, all the making with the kids prior to the party was half the fun!


This is by far the coolest thing I have seen all week.

Bravo!!! :clap::raised_hands::clap:

I can’t wait to spoil my kids.




Holy cow, that’s awesome! Coolest birthday party ever!


Wow, just wow. Excuse me while I go apologize to my sons for their birthday piñatas. I’ve obviously been slacking (and missing a Glowforge) :grinning:


Zip line? (Dang I shouldn’t have lost that invite.)

You have got to be the coolest parent…evah! :sunglasses:


Can you adopt me?


I love this! It shows so much imagination, creativity and joy. Bet your kids remember this birthday party for many years to come :slight_smile:


I think you need a bigger TV. I saw a bit of wall showing. :slight_smile:


I am smiling and laughing at all these comments! You guys are the best.

I am so happy our girls have taken to the laser cutter so quickly. 90% of the decorations were their ideas. They sat down on their own with a notebook and planned everything out. I then assisted where needed. Their enthusiasm for what they created was infectious. Great fun!


No no, pick me instead! I’ll take the garbage out whenever you ask – promise!


Love it! So many clever ideas. You could build on this forever! Spider toilet is my favorite though.


Rock those moments, before you are ready for it they walk out the door and close it behind them for the last time. Life pulls them away from the very ones who taught them how to push.


There are so many wonderful details in all this. Your party will be remembered for years to come. Love the golden snitch and the 3rd floor corridor off limits sign. And did you have a dog dressed up as a dragon?


All very cools stuff. Would love to know more about the dementors on the big screen?


We built the ‘home theater’ about 10 years back. We had replaced our living room furniture and were trying to come up with a use for the perfectly good couches that were replaced. We came up with the idea for multimedia space in what was our home school room and was now a mostly unused space. The screen was made for about $50 with a large section of blackout curtain, black felt and a wood frame. The original projector was a 720p low cost DLP. The projector was upgraded to a refurbished 1080p active 3D unit a few years back and the space is now a thearer and maker space with the Glowforge, 3D printer, vinyl cutter, solder station and various audrino/robotics/tech kits.

The dementor its self was a clip I pulled off YouTube and put on a thumb drive for display on the projector. We filled the room with fog from a smoke machine prior to potions class, which also makes the light from the projector look extra spooky. We also get really into it for Holloween…


I would love to have grown up in your house.


It’s not every day you young one turns Eleven. My son turns this year and we are planning on a HP theme. I really love all the things that you did. So many awesome ideas. :heart_eyes: :sunglasses: :squee:



The Ferraro Rocher snitches might be my fave little touch. I remember seeing those in process, but I didn’t realize how they were going to be used. :+1::+1::+1: