Glowforge Not Powering On/ Bad Power Supply?

Our Glowforge won’t power on, after it has stalled a few times when pressing the on switch. It’s 1.5 years old. Just thought I’d see if anyone else has experienced this while I wait for support (submitted a ticket 5 days ago).

Welcome to the community. Did you get an automated reply when you emailed them? If not, they didn’t get your message. Also, check the promotions and spam folders.

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Hi and thank you! I did receive an auto reply, several of them. Very basic, but i responded to them all.

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You’re welcome!
The last thing you can do to help facilitate the process is to email them with the date/time/time zone you are in so then support can dig up the machine logs and have a look. Also, just keep communications with them by replying in a single email instead of sending a new one so they don’t have to spend time going through and canceling the others.


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