Glowforge not repairing Machine

My machine showed the orange light Sept. 22 emailed Glowforge since there is no customer service phone number. Maybe we got one response daily for a week with end result SEND BACK TO US. Here’s my business worst nightmare over the past month… So that’s one WEEK to figure out the problem. One WEEK to ship back the item. ONE WEEK before Glowforge even told us that it is an electrical issue, and now going on WEEK FOUR waiting for Glowforge to " let us know" when it will be fixed and then one additional week to have it shipped back. Anyone else dealt with this issue with them? I’m just wanting my machine that Glowforge has been paid for so I can start to work my already established business and get paid!! Hello who can be out of work for over a month and just be okay with a " We will let you know " type of service?

Are you saying you’re still within warranty and the machine is defective? If so, I believe you’re entitled to a replacement rather than a repair. That may depend on what country you’re in, however.

Its not unfortunately !

Okay. So that sucks. But, and I’m not going to press the issue, but it seems like you got the machine you paid for and then something happened and it needs to get fixed. I know you’re angry. I’m just trying to see everything fairly here.

So, yeah… The thing that seems to cause a lot of grief with the repairs appears to be that Glowforge doesn’t repair units. “Some other company” does the repairs. Which is fine, except you (the customer) don’t deal with “some other company.” You deal with Glowforge. And they don’t appear to know the status of your repair cost. Which, as far as I can tell, is true. Eventually, “the other company” will present Glowforge with the repair, and they’ll present you the repair cost (not the reason, mind you… just the cost) for your approval. It’s kind of a crappy system if you ask me. But, at least for now, we’re stuck with it.

I wouldn’t count on much information about your repair. Which is a shame for all parties involved.
But I do hope they get you back up and running soon!

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Yes I agree it is a shame. I wish I would have known it would be such an agonizing hassle for them to repair an electrical issue and take 5 weeks out of business… that may have swayed me in the beginning if I had read an honest review. Regardless of how the machine was damaged it should be well documented here online that the repair will take this long especially when you use it for your business. Thank you for the info !

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Hi @cnovotney,

I’m sorry you’ve been without your Glowforge for so long. The repair of your unit is complete and on the way back to you. I just sent you an email with the tracking information so you can plan for its delivery.