Glowforge Not Turning On

My glowforge is not powering on. I last used it on Sunday and it worked fine. I have tried using different outlets, giving it a few minutes and trying to turn it back on and nothing. Since receiving the glowforge, I have had this issue.

I’m so sorry you ran into trouble with your unit. It looks like your Glowforge is connected and you’ve been able to print since contacting us. That’s great!

Could you please let me know if you’re still experiencing any problems? Has this issue been happening intermittently?

Hi Ivan,

We were able to get our glowforge running again, however, for some reason it takes mutiple flips on the power switch to get it to turn on. Not sure why it does this. Do you know if this is a normal occurrence?

Eric Hurst

I’m so sorry to hear that your printer is having power trouble.

I just reached out by email with the next steps. We’ll continue to work on this through email, so I’m going to close this post.