Glowforge not working

So I got the glowforge pro a few days ago and it’s not calibrating. They checked a few things and told me they would need to ship the “black strip that goes on the lid”. It’s been a few days since and I still haven’t got the tracking number. Customer support is ignoring me and you would think that for over a $5000 machine they would double or triple check before sending their machines out. Especially if it’s their fault they should be overnighting the part. But they all they say is please be patient. This is freaking ridiculous and I’m not happy with the lack of services provided by this company.

I may ruffle a few feathers out here but that’s life and I’m to old to be politically correct and sick of people complaining about this young upstart company. Also, if anyone out there feels they can do better then why are you here. I can say that I personally have never had an issue with the company when my first GF was having issues. They were prompt in there initial response then a couple of days for them to review the files and determine that I had to ship it back. The email with the return shipping label and tracking number for the new machine took a couple of days. Now I could have raised a fit but didn’t. They have other customers with issues and they do what the can to ensure that all are taken care of in a timely manner. Some of the posts I read it’s like you are their only customer or that the person thinks they are so special they deserve special treatment, not so. None of us are any better than the other and they treat us all the same regardless of what machine we purchased. So my opinion is very simple if you think your special, being ignored and not happy with, in your opinion lack of service then go and spend two, three, or four times the money and buy from somewhere else. Also, I personally think that their quality control is pretty damn good and what proof do you have that the black strip issue was caused prior to shipping, I would say None, unless they specifically told you that.


Oh yeah, unfortunately there is always some delay.

First they have to arrange for the part to be delivered to you. They don’t keep them on hand, these are manufactured for them by Flex in California. (Or maybe Texas, not sure any more, it used to be Flex.). As soon as they get one set up, they will send it to you, and generally, they do ship them quickly.

(There can be a few days delay, but they’ll contact you as soon as they have it.)


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.