Glowforge now a seller on ebay?

Just noticed on ebay a Glowforge Pro 3D Laser Printer…sold by “glowforge (0)” Member since June 13, 2019.

Item location: Grapevine, Texas, United States

Seller, listing and images all imply that the actual Glowforge company is selling the unit.

Real…or impersonator? If impersonator, it may conflict with the real Glowforge company values if the seller is less than honest that they are not actually glowforge, but someone that uses the ebay name as.


I’m going to tag @dan on this one and shift it Problems and Support so that someone from staff eventually sees it.

Great catch! :grinning:
(It might be them expanding into EBay sales, but they haven’t said anything along those lines.)


Thanks. Concur…if they’ve just joined as an ebay seller, excellent opportunity!

If it’s not them…there’s really going to be some ticked off buyers who “assumed” they were purchasing from the legitimate Glowforge, Inc.

Also, if it’s a scammer or poor individual seller…the user will assume the legitimate Glowforge company is at fault.

Hoping for the positive…the legitimate Glowforge company has expanded to ebay.


They might not since they don’t get alerts to moved topics vs tropics originally being created in P&S.


Yeah, I know. But they’ll eventually see it. (Also why I tagged dan. Maybe ought to also tag @Rita and @jae.).

I’m not really sure who needs to see it, so I figured whoever saw it from support would know. :smile:


i would love to hear back from gf on this one. If it’s not their listing, we should all be hitting the report button immediately.


I’m on chat with GF Support…they said no…they’re not selling on eBay. I referred them to this post for follow-up.

Update…the GF Support said they’re escalating the issue. and BTW…they were very fast on the Chat…just a few seconds in queue.


Sorry for the confusion folks! That is, in fact, an official Glowforge listing. We’ve heard that there is interest in purchasing via Ebay and we’re starting to do some testing. Thank you so much for checking in!


Excellent news! I’m glad it wasn’t a scammer. Hoping for the best on the Ebay sales.

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Thank you!

I’m going to go ahead and close this thread but if you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to open a new thread or email