Glowforge Offline. Again. Again

This keeps happening to us. We’ve restarted the Glowforge numerous times, restarted our modem and router…nothing. We are supposed to have someone come over to our house to use the GF in a few hours, and it’s been offline since last night.

Somebody please help.

And it’s working again. Apparently restarting the router while the GF was on did the trick.


Thanks for following up to let us know that detail, and I’m so sorry you ran into trouble. I’m going to close this thread since you’re back up and printing, but so we can look into what happened in further detail, would you mind doing the following for me?

  1. Reboot your Glowforge once more and wait until all motion has stopped for 30 seconds
  2. Hold down the button on your Glowforge for ten seconds, until it glows with a teal color
  3. Your Glowforge is now broadcasting a temporary Wi-Fi access point. Connect your computer to “Glowforge XXX-XXX” (from your Wi-Fi Settings)
  4. Visit the following URL in your browser:
  5. A .zip file should download to your computer
  6. Reconnect to your usual Wi-Fi network and email the .zip file to

Please let me know if you run into any difficulty with these steps. Thanks!