Glowforge offline! Help! <Resolved>

Got in my studio this morning and my trusty flowforge says it is offline. Internet and wifi are working. I pressed the button for 10 seconds, got a teal button, then repeated setup. I found the glowforge wifi and put in my wifi password, and I get an error. What is the deal??? I wish there was phone support! I don’t have three days… I promised someone a thing for tonight!

Ok. I turned everything off, reset my modem, reloaded my chrome, and it is now working. Wheeew.


I’ve tried all that and mine still isn’t working.

@shawnastobaugh have you opened a Support ticket through email? I don’t see any threads started here on the forum. If not, if you start a thread in #problems-and-support it will start a trouble ticket with Support for you (and probably some input from the community on how to possibly fix it).

Thank you @jbmanning5 , I’ll try that & see where I get. I appreciate the advice.

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I’m glad you resolved it – that is the most commonly successful solution! Please open a new thread if you have another question.

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