Glowforge on BAMF twitch stream


For those that didn’t watch it live:


Thanks for posting that. Kinda funny to see the number of people in the Glowforge booth vs. some of the other booths.


Thank you for sharing. I was working and unable to watch live.


Yeah, thanks for the link - I missed it the first go-round. :relaxed:


Thank you!


Definitely didn’t read BAMF as Bay Area Maker Faire the fist few times. Any Dane Cook fans probably didn’t either.


@Dan is around 2:43:00. Interesting comparison between the GF booth and FS.

As a preacher who can very easily slip into “preacher mode” I find it funny how easily Dan slips into “Infomercial mode” :smile:


I’ve had to constantly re-figure it out pretty much every time I’ve seen it, even after adding it to the Glossary…


Clearly what Dan needs is a trucker hat!:stuck_out_tongue:


It’s a real barrel of monkeys when someone taps you on the shoulder, puts a mic in your face, and says, “We’re live”.


I have the same response any time anyone comes to my booth. I can’t imagine being the front man for a company as big as glowforge.


That’s when you say “Well, that’s good news, now my wife won’t need to call the life insurance company.” :slight_smile:


Believe me, I know. When we’re put on the spot we default to what we know best, or what we’re most use to. You can tell the last few years selling and pitching Glowforge has become your default. Wouldn’t expect anything else at this point. Hope you don’t think I was making fun of you, I wasn’t, at least not much :smile:


I’m so glad we’ve got a private company …my first instinct when someone sticks a camera or microphone in my face is to clock the poor unfortunate holding it. :neutral_face:


Now the Bernadette image is becoming clearer. Sorry, lmao.


Uh-oh! Does she do that too? (I really need to start watching that show, so i know what not to do.) :grin:


Maybe, since the show is getting a GF, they will have Bernadette making a hedgehog as a nod to you. Wouldn’t that be epic?


If we are going to dream, take it to another level and have @Jules make a cameo where Bernadette and jules just look at each other knowingly. :wink:


I’ll be the little hedgehog in the corner… :grin:


We really need that audio sample attached to our profiles. Lol , I suddenly had a vision of @dan doing the narration on the waze app.