Glowforge on its way to France

Hello Glowies! Got my shipping email on Monday and have just this minute* taken delivery of the parcel of… Proofgrade materials. Well, it’s a start I guess, and certainly super quick delivery. No notification for the Glowforge and tray parcels, so fingers crossed they arrive soon. I’ll update here when they do.
For any fellow France-dwelling Glowies, the customs on the materials was 66€.

*Ok, like 10 minutes ago because of course I had to open the parcel and touch all the things, you all get it I’m sure! :wink:


Yeah!!! Congrats!


Wonderful! :grinning:




My proofgrade should arrive today too! It was supposed to come last night, but I didn’t get the payment notification until this morning :thinking: so it is bouncing between cities. Oy. Hope this doesn’t happen to my machine!


Ditto. No notice on the forge shipping though. Although I really want it… I don’t have a filter system set up yet so it’s probably just as well rly :frowning:

My glowforge should arrive today, just paid the fees! :scream: 470€. I got a call yesterday from someone from (I think?) UPS asking if I were using it professionally or personally. Maybe that is the 21€ difference from @malika91?

@kcalmejane What did you end up paying?

fyi @marc.simon1

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That’s a very odd question. Do import tariffs in France vary for commercial usage?

I thought so too, and not that I’d ever heard. You’d think there’d be more of a price difference then!

I thought duty was harmonised across the EU and there is certainly no difference in the UK. If UPS asked me that I think I would tell them to mind their own business.

I wonder if it was to do with safety and importing lasers?

Possibly, but as far as I am aware it’s only the Pro which is Class 4 laser and is not for home/personal use. Judging by the duty paid @bhspalinger has a Basic which I believe is a Class 1 laser.

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To which one asks, “So just out of curiosity, is there a fee difference between the two?”


No word on my GF yet, not even a dispatch notice. I was wondering if the difference was VAT because that’s usually the only reason for a price difference between pro and personal purchases here but I don’t think that would apply to import duties, and it probably wouldn’t just be 21€…

I would have, if I were more fluent in French. To say that I was super confused and had to hand the phone off to a friend would be an understatement… sigh. (the guy didn’t speak English, I asked)

Actually just checked my account and realised that the official dispatch date is today so maybe that means that I’ll soon be getting an email? Maybe? crosses everything


It woooooorks!! Hooray! :tada::tada::tada:

I tested the trace function by scanning a stamp I carved last year. Not bad! I chose HD engrave though and that might have been a little overkill, haha. Gotta go read all those posts about settings now… and track down a source of materials since I’ll likely hoard my PG materials for very special projects after this!


Congrats on the arrival! (And you hand carved that? It’s very squeeeee!) :grinning::squeeee::squeeee::squeeee::hedgehog::hedgehog::hedgehog:


Congrats on the arrival and on the first prints! :sunglasses: :fr:

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So exciting! I’m so happy for you. Looking forward to some wonderful things from you, now.

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Oui oui!

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