Glowforge picked a bad day to give up sniffing glue

Can the collective amount of knowledge point me in the right direction? I am trying to cut the name Ryleigh. Should be simple enough, but this is the output twice.

Ryleigh name

There was something wonky with the file when I opened it. Try this one and see if it actually works. (Test it on cardboard or something inexpensive, or the back of the one that got messed up.) (8.3 KB)

(If it works, make sure you are using a 12" x 20" design board for your designs. That one extended way out to the left, and it might have caused an issue.)

That also looks like the laser arm hit something, so before you run the revised file, check the rails at the sides and under the laser arm for debris. Turn the machine off, and then move the laser arm slowly forward and back by hand…see if you can feel it hang up on anything. Move the head gently side to side by hand. Check the pulleys to make sure there’s nothing stuck in there.


You are the bomb. I am checking that right now.


That worked perfectly. Thank you so much. I love this group.


Great, glad it worked! :slightly_smiling_face:

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It worked in cardboard. When I put my cherry wood in it, it shifted again.

Are the edges of the cherry extending over the plastic part at the edges of the tray? (That’s a big no-no. Make sure the material is completely over the metal grid on the tray, or the wheels can hit it and knock the gantry out of skew.)

No. It is completely on the bed. It was a bit warped, so I pinned it down flat. While it was cutting my daughter said that she lost wi-fi on her computer. I wonder if that messed it up.

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Not once the job starts. If that cherry is warped, it’s possible that the air assist vent behind the head hit it and that threw the job off.

How thick is the wood?

Just a 1/4". It wasn’t warped that badly. Just enough to rock a bit on the bed. I am looking again for anything on the rails or preventing it from moving, but I didn’t see anything.

Okay well try this…run the job again but watch it the whole time. You might see where it hits, and that will enable you to locate the problem spot.

Looking at the smoke stain it is looking like it is running off to the side line the head fan is not working properly. If the smoke is not being blown strongly to the front of the machine it will ignite and not only leave that telltale smoke
and burn mark in the direction the smoke is being blown but in the process also block the path of the laser and not cut as deep. If there is something blocking the path of the air it could also hit that shroud that directs the air and hangs down very low and fairly far back .

It isn’t hitting anything, and I don’t see anything that could be blocking the air assist fan. I did clean the four little contacts for the fan and it worked on a piece of scrap wood after doing that. I am trying it again now on a bigger scrap of wood.

At some point it did something to lose its location. Did you watch the job run?

Besides the circle part, you can see on the right hand side where it’s making a vertical line that isn’t in your design - that’s because the head was on the far right hand boundary. It couldn’t go over any further.


I did watch most all of it. I ran back upstairs to get my cheeseburger and went back downstairs.

Often, when we see an offset this large, it occurs because the head was physically moved or accidentally bumped, which affects the current calibration. I extracted the logs from your Glowforge to investigate the print you reported trouble with, and it looks like the printer head did not start from the “home” position. The head may have been inadvertently moved or bumped while preparing a print.

If you see this again, could you please try the following steps:

  1. Turn your Glowforge off, and wait about five seconds
  2. Turn your Glowforge back on
  3. Wait until all motion has stopped for 30 seconds
  4. Try your print again

If you’re seeing the same thing and the head did start in the home position, please let us know and we’ll be happy to check out the logs.


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