Glowforge Plus Dead

I just came in to work on my Glowforge and it won’t turn on. Like nothing at all. Tried multiple plugs and another cord.

Any idea?

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Have you tried plugging anything else into the outlet to make sure the outlet is good?

I tried two different outlets and two different cords. Both outlets are working and the cord was from a computer and works.

It’s possible your power supply has failed :frowning: As it’s now Monday a staff member will get here ASAP to help, though if it is your power supply you’ll likely be talking a return/exchange/repair so they’ll take it to email.

In the meantime I’d check all the internal connections - make sure there aren’t broken/loose cables anywhere, especially anything connecting to the power supply. If you see anything questionable post pictures in this thread so the staff member can see it as soon as they get here.

Fingers crossed it’s something simple!

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Hi there. It looks like we received an email request for this same issue. I am working to respond to your email in that thread. To avoid any confusion or miscommunication, I’ll go ahead and close this thread. Please check your inbox for my email, and I’ll look forward to continuing the discussion there.