Glowforge Plus discounted - Atlanta GA

Hello everyone I have a 7 month old glowforge plus. Used 4 times only for sale for $3000. I really thought this would be a good investment for my business but has really turned out to be a space waster. I did not buy the filter for the extra 995 but the machine is in great condition. I am in the Atlanta metro area.

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People interested will want to know a location.

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Thank you it’s Atlanta and I will update my post

I updated the title for you.

You might want to note whether you’ve got the original packaging and whether you’ll ship for folks who aren’t local to you.

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could be interested in your pro if it is still available. I only live 180 miles away in AL, so no shipping costs! Is everything running with no issues?

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They’re selling a plus, not a pro.

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I am still interested in the unit. Same specs as a pro without the pass through.

The unit being sold is a glowforge plus. I did not buy the extra air filter. I did not keep the box but will get a secure box for the purchase, I have used it 4 times. Purchased new on the glowforge site for $3900. Selling for $3k. Great condition I have the instructions from the box and everything that came in the box. If interested let me know.

Yes it’s a plus not a pro I have everything but the box. I didn’t buy the filter. Less than a year old and purchased brand new.

The Plus and Pro do not have the same specs. There are significant differences, but whether that matters depends on how you plan to use the machine.


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