Glowforge Plus for sale, central New England

Glowforge Plus for sale, low hours.
The inability for the machine to run a program more than once and the endless spamming to have a monthly membership has pushed me to sell my Glowforge Plus.
I have all of the original packaging, but prefer to sell locally and not ship. I am located in southern New Hampshire.
I have been using this machine to cut balsa airplane parts, and a few other crafts. However, it’s just too inefficient to “reprogram” the same cutting path over and over an over again, through a proprietary and slow website, instead of selecting a file to print again like on a $200 3D printer. I mention this so the buyer knows what they are in for once they own it.

Unless you are reusing this message elsewhere, these boards are all owners/operators of GFs already. Do you not have repeatable jigs set up for use?
Also, an asking price will help people be more informed.

(I’ll certainly agree with you on the layout of the online printer driver becoming more and more cluttered with adverts and business.)

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