Glowforge Plus for sale, Downsizing

Purchased Oct of 2020

Delivered Nov 2020

Glowforge Plus

Air Filter system

Industrial Table

12x12 Acrylic sheets

Variety of Proofgrade Material

Purchased as a hobbyist for a creative outlet. I’ve used it for various projects such as Christmas ornaments and gifts. I’m downsizing/moving and need to sell it for lack of space. I have kept it well maintained and will be letting all crafting material go with the machine. I have the original shipping box it came in. Ownership is transferable with Glowforge. Asking $2750 but will consider reasonable offers.



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Northern Illinois about 70 mi west of Chicago, 2 miles from I80

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I see a lot of likes and views but is no one interested?

There are a minority of folk looking to buy another Glowforge, who also live in your area. If there was such a person, finding your post might not be immediate.

Thanks, I’ll keep that in mind. I’m just under a time constraint here, mid May it will be in North Ga when I move in with my daughter.

Letting folk know that you might be able to drop it off along the way would increase that number of folks who would be able to buy it.

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Good suggestion. I’ll do an edit in a couple of weeks in the original post. Thanks

I would be interested in the machine alone at a much lower cost. I have no use for the accessories and materials.

What kind of cost?

I’m willing to negotiate on it within reason. I won’t take offense to an offer but without an offer there can be no negotiation.

If the machine could be demonstrated as working (2020 is quite old now), $1500.

My Pro purchased during original campaign is dying, and I am unemployed living on a low, fixed income.

I’ll consider 2k on just the machine alone. I’ll even let the filter system go with it.

OK. I have no use for the filter. I wish you well.

Same to you and thank you. If you change your mind just reach out. My heart goes out to you and yours.

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The machine is still set up and ready to use if you would like to visit and give it a test run.

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