Glowforge plus, for sale Montana $3400

I bought a glowforge a little bit ago, it has less than 80 hours on it, with some material left over including acrylic etc. All packing material still with it. Located in Montana.

hi a glowforge… pro? plus? basic?
need input, photos?

what part of montana?



Glowforge plus. Eastern Montana,

thanks, for the info your price is a bit high, a new plus is $4k, this is an out of warranty unit,
I would really reconsider how much you want for it.

Good luck whatever you do


It isn’t out of warranty, it was bought like 5 months ago, less than 80 hours…

Just curious why you would have made this assumption?

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80 hrs use, light use… time flies…

Again it’s 5 months old, still under warranty. Please don’t assume and try to sabotage my post when you have no idea what you’re speaking of. Thank you

sorry, was assuming…
and I was asking questions, not sabotaging. WHAT good would it do to sabotage?
whats my motive???