Glowforge Plus laser stopped working

Looking for help.

Just received my Glowforge Wed 12/9/2020. It was cutting great right up to a few minutes ago.

I had just printed one ornament and was going to cut the same one again. One the second one the head moves but doesn’t engrave, cut or score. Laser doesn’t seem to be firing at all.

Thinking it might be settings I loaded up some proofgrade hardboard and loaded the Gift of measure file and that did the same thing. Print head moved but no engrave cot or score…laser not working at all. I reset power to the unit and that did not fix the issue. I tried cleaning the camera’s and lenses…did not resolve.

Any other suggestions? I contacted support but haven’t heard anything yet.

Thanks in advance!


After an email from support. I checked the mirror on the head and it seemed to be OK. Looked to be installed ok and didn’t appear to be damaged. I did try again with Proofgrade hardboard and the Good Measure cut,still the head moved but didn’t make a mark.

So you know for next time, posting in Problems & Support also opens a support ticket. So as not to gum up their ticket queue with duplicates, it’s best to post over in Everything Else if you’re just looking for community input. :slight_smile:

Hi @lookupatnight - I’m going to go ahead and close this forum topic since we’ve connected via email already.

Please let me know via that email thread if you have any further questions or concerns.