Glowforge premium purchase

What do I lose if I don’t purchase the glowforge premium?

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The question amount’s to “How good are you with Inkscape-Gimp or similar software”. If you are very skilled or doing a limited range of work, you would lose only some convenience.

If you are starting from scratch with little experience in needed software, and want to start making real work quickly, then you would lose a lot. What is primarily in premium is the support of many things that are easier to accomplish directly in the GFUI but unnecessary if you are skilled in the other software.


These big hairy guys show up and confiscate the machine.
(Kidding) :smile:

You will lose:

  1. Unlimited storage of your files online.
    (There will only be storage of the last 30 days worth of files.)
  2. Access to the commercially available icons/designs.
    (Also available at the Noun Project, but you have to purchase a license there to sell work made with them.)
  3. Use of the Text tool and fonts.
  4. Use of the Create Outline tool for making quick Cut Lines and Offsets.
  5. Loss of the Stamp Maker tool and the Puzzle Maker tool.
  6. Loss of the Shapes tool.
  7. Access to the free Design of the Month and the free Premium member design submissions in the Catalog.
  8. I think those are the main components that go away now, but they have more functions lined up for it down the road. (They add them as they get them finished up and tested.)

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