Glowforge Pro Arrived Smashed

I received my Pro the other day and the glass is smashed. I am not sure why it was even delivered as it sounds like it is in a million pieces. I ordered this to make Christmas presents and now all I know is I will get a new one as soon as possible. No details. No idea what to do with the damaged unit. Not even sure a damaged one wasn’t sent on purpose to make me think my order was filled when there aren’t actually good units available. I have also heard that if you have an issue you only get a refurb in exchange and that would not be fair. I would really like to know the steps of getting a refund as I feel like I could go with another option and get more definitive answers and ensure I have a unit shipped now as I need it.

Welcome to the forum. How disappointing that your unit was damaged upon arrival.

I think I can guarantee that a damaged unit was not sent on purpose.

Glowforge will make it right, but the timetable may be less than instantaneous.


Wouldn’t be the first one damaged during shipment. I doubt they would send you a damaged unit…


I made sure to pick mine up from the UPS depot. you might consider that for the replacement.


I have cameras outside, so I can only validate what the driver did. But she was very gentle with the unit and used a hand truck as its not light. Not sure where in the process it was broken, but at least if I did that I could refuse it and not have another broken one in my entryway.


Have you ever noticed how some of those delivery drivers never seem to notice the “This side up stickers”? Well they also disregard the “fragile” and “glass” stickers on packages too.
I would be willing to bet a bundle that the machine was undamaged when it left the plant. Somewhere along the line it either fell off a pallet or something else fell off a pallet onto it or maybe it was tossed across the back of the truck by a disgruntled employee but there is no way the company would ship a damaged product on purpose.
I sincerely hope you get a quick replacement. Good luck.


I got one of those 12v fridge/freezer to use for emergencies, and it was on end on my porch with THIS SIDE UP arrows completely ignored.

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I know right? I watched the guy carry my glowforge on end up the driveway and then he stood it on its end on my door step. I couldn’t blame him for carrying it like that though because I would have had to do the same thing myself. At least he was gentle with it.


I’m so sorry that your Glowforge was broken in shipment. I can only imagine what a frustrating disappointment that was to discover after all the anticipation!
I can definitely assure you that we would never have shipped a unit like that. Unfortunately, the printers are fragile, and while we package them very carefully, they can be broken with a little rough treatment, or even just getting bounced around inside the delivery truck.
I’ve been corresponding with you on your support ticket, so I’m going to follow up there and close this thread.
Many thanks to those who weighed in!