Glowforge Pro arrived today in Germany, but no proofgrade material

my Glowforge pro just arrived today in Germany. I’m so happy. Two packages arrived, one containing the Glowforge pro and the other one containing the crumb tray and the hose. But there is no proof grade material in the packages? Is the proof grade material and the glasses shipping in another package? Is it already shipping? The mail from the first of March is saying I am getting another e-mail with the shipment details for the proofgrade materials. I never got this e-mail. So I need the material to test the glowforge. Is it already shipping?
Thanks for a soon support. (I have already a ticket: #73575, but did not received any answer so far.)

Thanks for your support.

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The glasses should have been sent inside the Glowforge box. Can’t remember whether it was in the foam inside the unit but I believe so. Check in all the foam corners.


The proofgrade originates from a different location than the glowforge and ships separately. Sometimes the proofgrade arrives after the glowforge. Glowforge support should send a tracking email when it ships.

You received a Pro model correct? I think only the Pro comes with glasses. As I recall, the glasses are hidden inside the foam packaging.


yeah, my glasses were INSIDE the Glowforge Pro, in the foam when you lift up the lid. I thought mine were missing too, but they were there.

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Thanks a lot, yes I found the glasses :slight_smile:

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Yes I found them too, thanks so much. Now lets hope for the proofgrade…


Thanks for letting us know!

Your Starter Pack is still on its way and I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.