GlowForge Pro arrived without AirFilter

I received today the Glowforge Pro but without Air filter. does any of you know if Air filters are sent later or if it was a mistake in my order? if Have any of you had the same situation? i wrote to support when y purchased the printer more than a week ago and i have not gotten any response. i am concerned about support response times.

any advice is appreciated.

Thanks a lot

Air filters are not yet shipping. If you look in you account, you will see you estimated shipping date for it.


Last I saw was July’ish for Filters, but who knows…

Thanks for the info. i do not see anything in my account regarding estimated shipping dates for Air filter… did it appear for you as soon as you purchased or after a while?.. thanks a lot

You need to log into your account at select your email address in the upper right corner of the page. Then select Shipping. A date for the filter should be there.

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Thanks for the info… no information at all,.


Ummm…it might be in the Purchase History or the General tab…we can’t tell anymore once the unit is delivered.

Thank you. None of them have any information. i will write support again. Thanks a lot

The air filter development is not yet complete though, it’s something that they pointed out in one of the emails that they sent to you when you agreed to have the unit shipped. So they won’t be able to give you a fixed date.

The current best estimates for delivery of the Air Filters is starting in late July I think, and depending on when you ordered, it could be later than that by up to a couple of months.

Is there no way that you can set up a venting arrangement so you can use the machine before then? All you really need is to set the machine up near a window or door, and there are a lot of very clever solutions that people have come up with for temporary venting in the Beyond the Manual category of the forum. Just do a quick search for “venting”.

There are some very unique ideas for venting that apparently work just fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you Jules… i will vent it without any problem but wanted to validate if there was a mistake in the order. i did not know the filters where delayed. actually i purchased the unit 10 days ago but i got no mail regarding information about the Air Filter. it looks as per your description i should wait… thanks a lot for taking the time to answer and for the guidance



No one has received theirs yet, but it shouldn’t be much longer!
Here’s where mine is:

Aha! Yeah, I’d check on that too. Does it show that you ordered the filter on the Purchase History?

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Thanks … no it does not … this is what i see in the purchase history. Thanks again

Bummer! Okay, all I can tell you is that if you ordered a filter, you’ll eventually get one - they are dealing with international shipping backlog orders now, so they’re probably going to be slow to answer individual questions around orders, (and the system that they are using doesn’t have enough flexibility to list all of the possible purchase combinations so it requires their manual intervention), but they will get it sorted out before they ship the filters.

Did you take advantage of a referral to get one of the extra Pro units? (Smart!) :grinning:

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Thanks a lot Jules for your reply… i realized also the the support platform is not working with Hotmail or Hotmail is blocking glowforge support platform messages. i have tried from a different mail and i got the autoreply message…

i used the referral to ge the discount. i am a late buyer so i paid more… hope it worth it :)… thanks again Jules!!.


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.