Glowforge Pro button not working

I have a new unit and everything has been running fine but out of nowhere the main button on the Glowforge is not working.

In the software I focus, hit Print, get a quoted time and go-ahead to print, then while the button is pulsing teal I hit it to start the print but nothing happens, it just continues pulsing. The focus process is received and the head moves to focus and goes back to its home position, so I know it’s communicating well over wifi, but it fails on the button press.

I tried stopping and restarting the print, power cycling it, unplugging and plugging it back in - all multiple times, all to no avail.

Very frustrating to experience this just having gotten the unit.

Does anyone have a remedy for this? I’m hoping something can be done on my end, especially since I have a few days of no use until support is back online.

At the risk of being simplistic and obvious, have you tried pressing it harder, at different angles, wiggling it around, etc.? If the switch is just physically a little dodgy, you might be able to get it to work temporarily.

Given it’s a new machine, I wouldn’t try taking anything apart if I were in your position. I’d contact Glowforge support and see what they can do.

Having said that, the connector for the button is one of the easiest things to reach…


I don’t have an answer, but the button should be white not teal so something is up for sure.


So it finally started working, but conditionally. I’m using the external air filter unit with it. When the air filter is running, the button is unresponsive. When I turn the air filter off, it works after one or two attempts by restarting the print. I’m not sure how or why this is the case, but after a dozen attempts and a few successful prints, this is what I noticed. It also continues to print when I start the air filter up mid-print, but I have to shut it down again to get it to work with another print. Strange. Has anyone experienced this before? Or any thoughts on what the cause may be?

Nope - that’s wild - it’s likely electrical.
As @chris1 said though - I wouldn’t fiddle too much until you get the go ahead from support. You can contact them by web, email, or Discord - but do that sooner rather than later!


This is opinionated as to what the color appears to be. Need we mention the unmentionable dress of a several years ago that despite the store that sells it telling everyone what the colors of the dress were, some still argue for the wrong ones.

“White” can be a variety of shades from orange(soft white) 3700* kelvin to blue(daylight) 6000* kelvin. I’ve never thought of my button as “white” as it’s clearly in the more blueish realm of “white”.


It comes right out of the manual and all the support docs. My button is distinctly white in operation vs the distinctly teal of setup. Since OP has been functioning we can safely presume that they have seen setup teal.


Mine definitely looks blue. I have trained myself to the convention of calling it white. It is quite different from the much greener teal. Of course I haven’t seen the teal light in a few years so my memory may also be drifting :slight_smile:


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