Glowforge Pro did not work, then the other one came with the plastic rollers broken

I bought a Glowforge PRO three weeks ago and when it came it did not work, it was stucked on scanning then on centering making some noises.
I contacted support and they sent me another one, the one that came it was not new. it has some scratches and after the first print the plastic rollers failed and I saw they are broken. Also the arms were moving on each side.

I have been waiting for more than 48 hours to try to solve my problem and I have not gotten any reply from support, I want to see if there is a better help here.

the second box came without some parts as well:
Please see the photo attached.

-the box came without some holders,

-the red strip in one side was missing

-the left knob was also missing

-no power cable

I have some clients waiting for some work and I cannot be waiting so much time.

The power cord is shipped with the crumb tray, you would have kept that when you sent in the other machine.

Yes I did. I have the cord and the other parts.
The problem now is with the rollers.


I’m incredibly sorry to hear about the trouble with your replacement Glowforge. I’ve just followed up to your email with the next steps to send you a replacement part.

We’re going to continue working on this there, so I’m going to close this post.