Glowforge pro door

Has anyone ever have their door come unglued? Mine has how do I fix this?

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Welcome to the community. Are you meaning the drop-down ‘door’ in the front…or the glass lid on the top? If it’s the glass lid, you can find posts about that if you do a search in the forum.

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Hi Randall,

My name is Mercedes and I’m part of the Technical team here at Glowforge and I’ll be helping you troubleshoot today. I’m sorry, you are having issues with the door on your printer. Could you please include some photos of which door you are having issues with, and the hinge as well if you can?

I’ll send it to our engineers to take a look at when I receive them so we can figure out the next steps for you.


I just encountered this same issue. The glass lid seems to be separating from the metal frame. I also need to know how to fix this. Thx!

Welcome to the forum.

You will need to start your own thread in the Problems and Support page so that Glowforge support personnel will address your machine. Good luck!

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