Glowforge Pro for sale in Connecticut $3500

Glowforge Pro - works great! I have upgraded to larger lasers and need to sell to make space. This was a warranty replacement that was sent to me in August 2022, so even though this machine is only 8 months old, there is no warranty left on it.

I will be happy to show you a demonstration of the laser working and will transfer ownership to you in person.

Brand new this model goes for $6995, the pro has the most power, is the fastest and has the pass through slot to cut very large items.

I love this laser, it helped me start my personalized gifts business, but I no longer have room for it. It is time for it to help someone else.


What’d you upgrade to?

omtech 60w


Got any notes about the differences between the two?

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The Glowforge Pro is user-friendly, consistent and reliable. On the other hand, the OMTech 60W CO2 laser is bigger and faster. You have to learn a lot to use it and there is more trial and error. I really do like the Glowforge, but my biggest sellers are engraved cutting boards and with the Glowforge you are limited by size and a cutting board takes 20 minutes as opposed to 8 minutes on the OMTech, and I can put 4 in at the same time. I still use the Glowforge, but it is literally on my kitchen counter and I really need the space. I have been putting it off for months now.


Just so you are aware. These forums are public, not just to GF owners, and are notorious for info scrapers. I would recommend not including your email address in your posts. People can contact you just as easily via your profile.


Thank you. I removed it. It’s just an email address, I use for spam and junk email, but better to be safe than sorry.

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