Glowforge Pro for sale Madison WI

GLOWFORGE PRO - Lightly Used - This is their top of the line model w/ the pass through that is $6k - Ownership and account will be transferred to the new owner upon sale of the Glowforge.

Its in excellent condition, well cared for and gently used - this machine has NOT been run 8 hours a day 7 days a week like some of the used ones out there, its was lightly used on some weekends for a couple of hours.

It comes with
• Original box

Asking $4500- Pick up in Madison, WI or I can ship - please send me zip code and I will calculate the shipping (estimate on shipping is about $200-400 depending on your location)


I purchased a Brand New Inline Duct Fan for better ventilation and quieter operation along with heavy duty 6ft - 4 layer ducting and duct attachments / upgraded exhaust accessories, etc - all brand new - $150 extra

More info:
The Glowforge Pro can print enormous objects with the Pro Passthrough slot, and has upgraded cooling for all-day use. It also features upgraded components and increased laser power to print up to three times faster than the Basic model. Its a Class 4 laser product; place near a window for ventilation.


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