Glowforge Pro for sale question

I have a Pro that I need to sell - not yet a year old and has approximately 50 hours of use on it. What do you think would be a fair price to ask for it?

Hard to say because every sale is a little different. Here’s a search link that can show you lots of previous listings, might give you a starting point:


woul help if you tell people where you are, and provide a photo as well.



Some questions to consider:
1 . Do you stil have the box? That box costs $500 to replace.
2. Do you have any of the original materials?
3. Are you willing to ship it?

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I thought it was $249 for the box and then just a $10 oversized shipping charge?


Lordy. I need to stop answering things. :rofl: I have too much going on!


I do still have the box and all packing. I have someone here thinking about purchasing it so that’s why I asked what a fair price would be.

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Thanks! That helped a lot!

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