Glowforge Pro Front Out of Joint / Lifting Lid

Just unboxed my gorgeous glowforge and the front is snapped out of place, which, in turn, lifts up the lid. I’m a rule-follower, so I emailed and didn’t even think of plugging it in, but I’m so sad!

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This has popped up on the forum before. You might be interested in this post:


This has happened before:

edit: just a few second after mark!


Looks like yours is on the opposite side from the previous poster. Hopefully the hinge is symmetrical.

Ha! With a little emotional support/prodding, I decided to go for it, and just lowering the front door made it snap into place! (I was just nervous to break such an expensive gadget doing something “unsupported” by the Glowforge staff.) Thanks @markwal!



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So happy that work for you, now get to forging LOL

Okay. Another problem.

Be especially careful of the yellow window on the side of the head.

The “yellow window” was sitting, unattached, in the bottom of the printer head section of the foam when I pulled the printing head out. I screwed it back in (without touching the glass) and installed the head, but how bad is this?

Happened several times to others. You did what was needed. No worries.

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I’m sorry to hear your Glowforge was impacted by shipping. We’re thrilled to see you were able to fix the issue quickly and start printing.

I’ve followed up via email about your Printer Head window. We appreciate the feedback and photos.

Thank you for the help everyone!