Glowforge Pro not cutting thru on right side

Glowforge Pro not cutting thru proof grade material on right side of tray. Print today 11/7/20 @ 3:35 pm central standard time.

Here is a similar thread, with the info support will ask for to help troubleshoot.

Thanks, I’ve taken pictures of all my lenses in preparation for support, whenever they reply. I will try to cut the gift of good measure cause I know they’ll ask for it.

If you post all of that in advance, then you won’t have to wait another day for their response. They can review it right away.

Thanks, will do

Proof grade medium draft board
6:09pm central standard time
Gift of good measure did not cut thru

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Was your problem ever resolved? I’ve been having the same issue, my lens are clean, no marks, machine is clean, etc…

Start a thread and support will contact you. Mine is an issue with the unit

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