Glowforge Pro not working

A few seconds into my print, my glowforge stopped working. The fan sounded very loud. The light went yellow after I cancelled the print. Turned it off and gave it a thorough clean.
Tried to print the ‘gift of good measure’ as a test and it sent through ok, blue light on, but no laser firing at all.

The blue light on means it is having internet connectivity problems. There are many possible causes. If you do a search on internet connectivity there are many discussions.

Here also-

Pretty sure their “go” light looks blue rather than white, as does mine. That’s very different from the teal “internet” light


I’d check the cable connections to the head, and for any breaks in your white cable.
Yellow often means temperature issues, but it can also mean not able to check my sensors.

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I meant the normal print button flashed up. The temperature was fine (I have a thermometer in there). All leads are fine, it’s moving on and camera is working but no laser firing up. This is my 4th machine in 3 years.

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