Glowforge pro operates and is online but says offline during camera calibration

I just bought a glowforge pro, i tested the machine and it cuts and engraves,but the camera needs to be calibrated. when i walk through the steps in camera calibration, it always says its offline. it still says ready in the upper right corner and i can still run it. if reconnected it to wifi many times and tried different wifis. any idea whats going on?

If you are referring to the process that improves the lid camera alignment, there is something very weird about how that is run and it was the only time in 5 years that I ever had wifi issues. I ended up connecting an older router to a physical ethernet port on my ISP-provided router, which has worked reliably before and since.

There has never been an issue with signal strength, and I even bought a pair of wifi repeaters when I was struggling with this (which made no difference.) A bandwidth speed test gives nearly identical results where my GF is located as I get in the same room as the router.

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did you treat the old router as an extender of sorts? yeah its in the same place my other gf is and ive been able to calibrate that one with no issues

I wouldn’t describe it that way, more just an additional router plugged in to one of the ‘inside’ ethernet ports using its broadband port. I used a different channel (I had tried changing channels when I first had the issue.)

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