Glowforge Pro/Support Failure

Alright, grab your coffee because this is going to be a long one.

For context, I purchased a Glowforge Plus in September 2019, the week before they downgraded the plusses from 45 watt tubes to 40 watt tubes. I had a 45 watt laser.

Last October, I began having issues with my Glowforge Plus (one of the old 45 watt models). It was failing to finish prints at the full power and loosing power at a consistant place in the print. I emailed glowforge and finally got an RMA about 2 months ago. Because the 45 watt plus is no longer sold and I need as much power as I can get (I engrave titanium), they agreed to replace the glowforge plus with a refurbished pro for $1125 inc. shipping. I agreed, and we exchanged. The “refurbished” pro had an issue where it would always focus about 1.5mm too high (I know this from talking to glowforge support and the machine logs), so, after much discussion, they agreed to send me a new laser head and carrage under warranty. This fixed the problem and I was on my way. However, last week, my “refurbished” pro (by the way, this was not an old laser. Very clean and obviously not old) would not power on 2/3 of the time when I flicked the switch. I emailed glowforge and they promptly RMAd the RMA and sent me another laser. The “refurbished” laser I got this time was disgusting. It is absolutly filthy. There appear to be coffee stains in the interior, there is dirt in every crack and crevice, the piece of plastic over the radiator is not secured and covered in dirt, the ribbon cable going into the power supply is bent at a 90 degree angle and looks like a fire hazzard, the pump has a much lower tone than the other lasers and fluctuates in pitch and in how much it vibrates the laser. I can tell this laser is quite old not only from the filth and yellowing of the plastic, but also from the lack of chrome on the loose radiator cover, something only the newer ones have.

This is my saga up to this point. I am sharing it here because I am sick of following support around with their canned emails (that’s another thing- I have never gotten an email from them that I didn’t think was copied and pasted from a book of what to say). It is unacceptable to have a $7,000 machine failing and a company that will not stand by their warranty statement. I would like to quote it if I may: "If you submit a claim under this Limited Warranty,… (ii) replacement with a new or refurbished product that IS EQUIVALENT TO THE PRODUCT TO BE REPLACED,…

I don’t care about the origional laser. The point is that they have replaced a “factory inspected” (broken) laser with a filthy and old (also broken) laser. This is unacceptable from a company selling a product as expensive as this. I have all the emails going back to October should I have to prove something to a third party…

I hope no one else has had this problem or has to go through this. Support, if you see this, please help me. I am sick of dealing with canned emails that are only getting me older and more broken machines.

Graham McKoy

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Your saga is long. Have you read the original warranty and the warranty for the refurbished units?

We are users just as you are and cannot help. Also, Glowforge support does not monitor the forum.


Document the issues with the replacement (preferably with photos) and tell them you want it replaced, as it doesn’t meet the standards of their warranty. Nobody at Glowforge has laid eyes on any of your machines, so they don’t know that the company that refurbishes them did a poor job (or made a mistake and sent it out without actually doing the refurbishment) unless you tell them. Yes they’re overworked and yes they lean on scripts to be able to blast through their high ticket volume as fast as possible, but my experience has been that they’re empowered and willing to make things right as long as you’re being direct and respectful as well. They want every ticket to end in a satisfied customer.


As stated, nothing any of us can do and support no longer monitors/participates on this forum.

It’s unfortunate to see how much quality and support has declined but it is what it is with a budget hobby-grade machine.


I would like to say the same, but after 10 months, I don’t know if I can. I have seen multiple posts on this forum of the same nature as mine, and those are only from the people who care enough to come here and say something about it. If glowforge really wants satisfied customers, they should prove it by getting their QC up. Cheers.


Yet more proof that Glowforge’s quality control and tech support has gone to the dogs.
I wouldn’t give them another penny if I were you. Time to find another company.


My opinion, based on observation, is that they quit participation here because it publicly documented how bad support was. Again, that’s just my opinion, but when mine dies, I won’t be buying from them again…

I do have a healthy stack of materials that I would no longer have use for!


If I didnt have this much invested in this, I would walk away. Their tech support and QC is absolute garbage. I will never give them another penny or buy another one of these things again.

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