Glowforge Pro Will Not Turn On

I just tried turning my Glowforge Pro on and it will not turn on. I have unplugged it from the wall, and replugged it back in and it still will not come on. I have plugged a lamp into the receptable and it does work. I’ve taken the power cord out and reinserted it. How do I report this to Glowforge?

Welcome to the forum, a couple of questions:

how old is your unit?
where are you located?
is there any noise when you turn on your unit?

there is a safety connector in the back near the plug that has to be completely seated.
I would suggest checking that.

i am at work or I’d post a pic.

The interlock does not affect power.

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I thought all this time it kept the unit from turning on? If it wasn’t seated correctly.

WTH, I sure misread a whole bunch of messages over the years then.

This is a standard power cord. You could try another one to make sure it’s not the cord…

There are probably hundreds of posts from people who don’t own a pro or have never tested it claiming it kills power.

It never has. It simply halts the machine.



if it is NOT engaged correctly the unit doesn’t start right?

when you say halts the machine. motion and laser firing stops?

I have never futzed with that on my Pro.

It simply halts. Power is not affected. If you remove it before powering on, the machine still powers up, it just doesn’t do anything. Watch the video. It would appear the CPU is halted.

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wow, learn something new every day.

Email :slight_smile:


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